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Zandaria / Feb 14, 2021

13 feburay we did Zul Gurub Guildrun only 17 ppl joined. And it was kinda fun run and we made it.

Zandaria / Feb 06, 2021

This evening we went to Zul Gurub. Full guild run. And it was fun. And now we are trying to go futher. Like Aq40.and since we dont have full guild run for the 40 manna we are going with another guild and help each other. And all is welcome to join...

Zandaria / Jan 18, 2021

I was thinking about if we can start 2 stream our raids on twitch. Anyone is willing for it? :D <3 I can but not with cam and I hate 2 speak. So better with someone else that speaking :D

Zandaria / Jan 17, 2021

Hello all in The Old Raider guild on Nethergarde Keep as alliance on Classic WOW. I hope you guys are doing good.I made this website because of the raid. Because we need too sort out the raids and all. And its kinda hard to make it on discord the ...