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Full guild Run in Zul Gurub this evening

Zandaria / Feb 06, 2021
This evening we went to Zul Gurub. Full guild run. And it was fun.
And now we are trying to go futher. Like Aq40.
and since we dont have full guild run for the 40 manna we are going with another guild and help each other.

And all is welcome to join the guild. 😀

We are also gearing up our guild member and also helping with the attunment and rep and more.

We are raiding on Monday: BWL/Onyxia, Wednsday Aq40, Friday: MC

And ofc we are doing Aq20 and ZG.

And all is welcome to join the guild.

Just make an apply here.
Or just search on who for the old raiders and just whisper someone is on.

Hope to see u in the guild

The Old Raiders / Zandaria the Website maker 😍



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